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Bids Time Left Price USD
Mizuho VTI Intraoperative 8 MHZ Vascular Doppler System 8Mhz Fixed Price 28 Days $449.95
Venaflow Elite Aircast DVT Pump Deep Vein Thrombosis Vascular System Medical Fixed Price 29 Days $189.99
Maquet 085189 Hemashield Gold Vascular Graft, 18 X 9mm L:40cm, 2017-12 Fixed Price 26 Days $99.0
Imex Pocket-Dop II with 3 MHz Vascular Probe. FREE SHIPPING. Fixed Price 1 Days $50.0
True Sonotrax Vascular Doppler FDA , 8MHZ +BTRY , 2 gels, ship from USA Store Inventory 15 Days $95.9
Edan SD3 VASCULAR DOPPLER 8mhz probe lower noise new generation of Sonotrax Store Inventory 9 Days $129.0
Lot of 3 Vintage Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular Clamps Weck KNY SCHEERER 0 8 Days $4.95
Edan SD3 VASCULAR DOPPLER 8mhz probe , with Free oximeter Store Inventory 18 Days $119.0
Bard Access Systems Site-Rite II Vascular Ultrasound System Fixed Price 21 Days $1100.0
Bard Site Rite IV Vascular Ultrasound System on Stand w/ 9.0 Mhz Probe Store Inventory 18 Days $625.0
V. Mueller Codman Pilling Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular Clamps 29 Piece Set Fixed Price 11 Days $1750.0
GE Logiq S7 Ultrasound System with Cardiac (CW Doppler) ,Vascular,General Imag Store Inventory 19 Days $19250.0
Karl Storz Laparoscopic Retro Vascular Clamp 10mmX30cm 49310CR NEW!! Store Inventory 29 Days $475.0
Gsource Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular Instrument Set With Tray Store Inventory 3 Days $3250.0
Codman Surgical Cardiovascular Opti-Length Garrett Vascular Dilator Set Store Inventory 9 Days $450.0
Jace Medical Surgical Vascular Thoracic Grand Pre Sternal Closure System Store Inventory 16 Days $8750.0
Pilling Sklar Weck Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular Clamps Lot Of 5 Store Inventory 15 Days $150.0
Karl Storz Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular Cross Clamp 49310VC NEW!! Store Inventory 27 Days $475.0
Philips IU22 R-Cart Ultrasound System with Cardiac,Vascular,General Imag Store Inventory 19 Days $11500.0
Jarit Codman V Mueller Surgical Vascular Dilators & Probes Store Inventory 23 Days $275.0
Karl Storz Vascular Schollhorn MIDCAB-Extension 49100M NEW!! Store Inventory 7 Days $750.0
Philips CX50 portable ultrasound with S5-1 & L12-3 Cardiac/Vascular Transducers Fixed Price 10 Days $48600.0
Codman Surgical Opti-Length Garrett Vascular Dilator Set Store Inventory 9 Days $350.0
Pilling Vascular Cardiovascular Aortic Valve Rongeurs Lot of 3 Store Inventory 3 Days $275.0
Bard Site Rite 3 Vascular Ultrasound Scanner w/ 7.5 MHz Probe & 9 MHz (Broken) Fixed Price 3 Days $299.0
Karl Storz Laparoscopic Retro Vascular Clamp 10mmX30cm 49310SR NEW!! Store Inventory 7 Days $475.0
V. Mueller Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular 2-Bladed Tubbs Dilator CH5645 Store Inventory 13 Days $900.0
Pilling Life-Lok Codman V. Mueller Large Cardiovascular Vascular Clamp Set Store Inventory 11 Days $2850.0
Siemens Acuson Cypress Portable Ultrasound with Stress Echo 7L3 Vascular Store Inventory 4 Days $6099.0
Siemens Acuson Terason P50 Portable Cardiac Vascular Ultrasound T3000 Store Inventory 4 Days $12500.0
c arm vascular cardiac siemens arcadis advantic 30fps Store Inventory 24 Days $44444.0
STORZ Cardio Vascular Scope and Holding Arm set, Endoscopy N49011BA Store Inventory 4 Days $3350.0
Bard Site Rite 6 L-VA Linear Vascular 9770001 Probe Store Inventory 21 Days $1150.0
V Mueller CH-7140 DeBakey Peripheral Vascular Clamp Store Inventory 25 Days $160.0
vascular c-arm Siemens advantic 30fps interventional fluoroscopy Store Inventory 24 Days $44444.0
GE Vivid E portable ultrasound machine for cardiac echo and vascular application Fixed Price 29 Days $10500.0
Pilling Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular Adult Burford Retractor 341225 NEW!! Store Inventory 2 Days $450.0
Surgical Cooley Pediatric Vascular Clamp 6.5" Graduation Jaws Forceps Instrument Store Inventory 5 Days $12.49
V mueller Surgical Vascular Thoracic Bethune Rib Shears CH340 Store Inventory 16 Days $125.0
Codman 50-8016 Ochsner Vascular Retractor Fixed Price 21 Days $240.0
L12-4 Linear Probe for Vascular Intervention Cerebrovascular Philips Transducer Store Inventory 27 Days $3800.0
Sklar Garrett Vascular Dilator Set - Long Fixed Price 15 Days $615.0
Karl Storz Laparoscopic Vascular 5mmX36cm Blunt Palpation Hook 49310GH NEW!! Store Inventory 7 Days $125.0
Portable Ultrasound CX50 - Philips Cardiac & Vascular Adult Echo Package Store Inventory 23 Days $24800.0
Aesculap Codman Pilling Sklar Surgical Cardio Vascular Instrument Clamp Set Store Inventory 7 Days $1375.0
Dymax Site Rite II Vascular Ultrasound Scanner with 2 Probes Store Inventory 16 Days $316.0
Carbomedics Surgical Cardiovascular Vascular Heart Valve Instruments W/ Case #2 Store Inventory 23 Days $150.0
Bovie AcuDop II 5 MHz Vascular Probe Fixed Price 23 Days $195.0

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