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Haiku Classic Japanese Short Poems Translated by Larrabe New Deluxe Hardcover Store Inventory 10 Days $12.99
Young Once - Patrick Modiano (Translated By Damion Searls) [Paperback] Store Inventory 23 Days $7.0
The Iliad (Translated by Robert Fagles) Fixed Price 15 Days $5.0
THE HOLY BIBLE Translated from Latin Vulgate Douay-Rheims Catholic Version 1914 Store Inventory 19 Days $41.35
Holy Diver NES Game English Translated Fixed Price 22 Days $35.0
The Apocrypha: Translated Out of the Original Tongues by Eworld (English) Hardco Fixed Price 24 Days $12.71
FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING: Spanish Translated Exam Review for Milady Standard Fixed Price 4 Hours $58.49
Beowulf Translated by J.R.R. Tolkien Sellic Spell New Collectible Hardcover Gift Store Inventory 10 Days $29.99
The Works Of Virgil Translated By John Dryden With Memoir Blue Book Fixed Price 9 Days $5.0
Beowulf (mm pb) translated by Burton Raffel NEW Store Inventory 11 Days $7.99
Homer; translated by Alexander Pope THE ILIAD OF HOMER Easton Press 1st Edition Store Inventory 34 Seconds $49.99
Front Mission Gun Hazard English translated SNES Game Fixed Price 22 Days $35.0
Clock Tower English Translated SNES Game Fixed Price 24 Days $35.0
Torah with Rashi's Commentary Translated, Annotated Vol. 2 [Student Size] Exodus Fixed Price 26 Days $13.8
Alien Soldier - Sega Genesis reproduction w/ translated manual! Fixed Price 28 Days $34.99
The Apocalypse of Abraham : 1918 Edition -Translated from the Slavonic... Store Inventory 18 Hours $7.25
PETER THE FIRST by Alexey Tolstoy 1959 Translated Russian Novel Unread VG++ HCDJ Store Inventory 12 Days $17.5
THE ODYSSEY by HOMER Translated by SAMUEL BUTLER Leather Bound Soft Cover NEW! Store Inventory 28 Days $10.0
Monster World IV - Sega Genesis reproduction w/ translated manual! Fixed Price 23 Days $34.99
Battle Mania 2 - Sega Genesis reproduction w/ translated manual! Fixed Price 18 Days $34.99
Sailor Moon R English Translated SNES Game Fixed Price 22 Days $35.0
The Easton Press 100 Greatest Books-Beowulf-Translated By William Ellery Leonard 20 1 Days $36.0
The Apocrypha: Translated out of the Original Tongues (New Hardcover) Fixed Price 29 Days $16.75
Holy Diver NES English Translated Repro Fixed Price 26 Days $40.0
Mega Man: The Wily Wars - Sega Genesis reproduction w/ translated manual! Fixed Price 18 Days $34.99
THE HOLY QURAN Color Coded Translation w/Arabic Text Translated by Abdullah Y.A Fixed Price 4 Days $25.95
Tales from the Arabian Nights Translated by Richard Francis Burton New Hardcover Store Inventory 2 Days $6.99
BROTHERS GRIMM:The Complete 1st Edition Translated & Edited By Jack Zipes Fixed Price 6 Days $13.99
The Essential Erasmus Selected and Newly Translated includes The Praise of Folly Fixed Price 12 Days $8.0
The Kama Sutra Of Vatsyayana 1995 Translated by Sir Richard Burton and F.F. Arbu Store Inventory 21 Days $9.99
Zeller's Socrates And The Socratic Schools 1885 Translated By Reichel ~ Fixed Price 14 Days $20.0
DOREMI Fantasy Milon's DokiDoki Adventure English Translated SNES Game Fixed Price 22 Days $35.0
The Iliad by Homer translated by Robert Fagles #2 Store Inventory 24 Days $12.99
Mega Man and Bass English Translated SNES Game Store Inventory 24 Days $35.0
Pokemon Green Version - Fan Made w/ Custom Case for Gameboy (English Translated) Fixed Price 6 Days $21.99
Gley Lancer - Sega Genesis reproduction w/ translated manual! Fixed Price 18 Days $34.99
METSUDAH MIDRASH TANCHUMA Hebrew-English translated by Davis BEREISHIS 1&2 Fixed Price 26 Days $23.95
The Works of Virgil Translated into English by John Dryden Vol.1 London 1795 Fixed Price 14 Days $39.99
THE ODYSSEY OF HOMER translated - George Palmer 1891 Antique Hardcover School ED Store Inventory 8 Days $12.0
The Bhagavad Gita a paperback book translated by Eknath Easwaran FREE SHIPPING Store Inventory 5 Days $6.9
The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible: The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time Fixed Price 6 Days $20.28
Works of Mr. De Voltaire, The Henriade 1773 Translated T. Smollett, Franklin & Store Inventory 7 Days $29.99
The Taoist Classics Vol. 1 Translated by Thomas Cleary (1999, Hardcover) Fixed Price 25 Days $23.99
RELATIVITY THEORY-Explanation can understand Albert Einstein translated 1961 Store Inventory 29 Days $12.0
1914 THE HOLY BIBLE Douay Version, Translated From the Latin Vulgate 13 4 Days $9.95
Langrisser II - Sega Genesis reproduction w/ translated manual! Fixed Price 23 Days $34.99
1942 The Iliad of Homer Translated by Samuel Butler Classics Club Walter Black Store Inventory 11 Days $9.99
1950 The Deity of Christ and Other Sermons by John Calvin,Leroy Nixon translated 1 1 Hours $5.99
HOLY BIBLE -KNOX VERSION - School Edition 1963 Translated from the Latin Vulgate Store Inventory 19 Days $34.95

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