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Bids Time Left Price USD
Innercity Fire cassette in shrinkwrp Store Inventory 2 Days $5.0
Enesco Rumanian Liszt Hungarian RHAPSODIES In Shrinkwrp LP VANGUARD Vienna Opera Store Inventory 11 Days $15.0
Super Clean 1979 BOB WELCH LP In Shrinkwrp CAPITOL The Other One Roger Voudouris Store Inventory 6 Days $4.5
SOCIETY FOR NEW MUSIC 1984 NM In shrinkwrp 20th Century LP PALMER Israel WERNICK Store Inventory 6 Days $9.5
Oddball 60s Gal Cover MOOD MUSIC LP cas-2149 GEORGY GIRL Stereo Shrinkwrp Fixed Price 5 Days $4.99
Euro Disco/ House 12 inch in shrinkwrp The 49ers DON'T YOU LOVE ME 1989 4th Bway Store Inventory 4 Days $4.5
ELVIS Legendary Performer Volume I In shrinkwrp ELVIS PRESLEY Die-Cut Booklet LP Store Inventory 1 Days $19.0
60s Blonde Gal Cv LP GUNTER KALLMAN Chorus w Orch & Bells LARA'S THEME Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 16 Days $9.0
Country Rock Classic LINDA RONSTADT LP Heart Like A Wheel Red Label 74 Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 5 Days $4.5
78 Jazz Rarity BOP-BE Keith Jarrett ABC In Shrinkwrp CHARLIE HAYDEN Dewey Redman Store Inventory 24 Days $15.0
PATTON Very Clean 20th C Fox Soundtrack LP In Shrinkwrp Jerry Goldsmith DIALOGUE Store Inventory 9 Days $7.5
MERLE HAGGARD It's All In The Game LP In Shrinkwrp 1984 Chet Atkins Grady Martin Store Inventory 6 Days $4.5
AL CAIOLA Mood Guitar LP STEREO Mood United Artists GUITAR FOR LOVERS Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 16 Hours $15.0
SALT-N-PEPA EP 7 Tracks NM In shrinkwrp 1988 SPINDERALLA'S Not Fella SHAKE THANG Store Inventory 28 Days $15.0
Classic Blind Gal MELODY LEE Organ/ Piano PRIVATE LP Music Music Music SHRINKWRP Store Inventory 21 Days $19.0
ANTAL DORATI Mercury Stereo LP Conducts JOHANNES BRAHMS Symphony No. 4 Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 14 Days $3.5
TEXAS- MEXICAN BORDER MUSIC Vol. 4 Norteno Accordeon FOLKLYRIC LP 1975 Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 19 Days $19.0
Joe JACKSON Will Power 12" Translucent VINYL LP Record Orig 87 SP-3908 Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 22 Days $19.99
LIRICA INFANTILE With JOSE-LUIS OROZCO LP Hispanic Children's Folklore Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 28 Days $15.0
Classic LYNN ANDERSON Promises Promises CHART Records LP 60s Stereo in Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 10 Days $9.5
Howard Roberts Orchestra Mood/ Mod Music LP DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 21 Days $9.0
Very Clean SUSAN RAYE West Coast COUNTRY LP Pitty Pitty Patter 1969 in Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 6 Days $15.0
STEVE GOODMAN Somebody Elses Troubles BUDDAH In Shrinkwrp LP 1972 Songwriter GEM Store Inventory 11 Days $15.0
Something of Value by Robert Ruark, 1991 Buccaneer Books (ltd. ed?) in shrinkwrp Store Inventory 9 Days $29.99
DAVID SOUL Playing To Audience of One 1977 Gatefold LP STILL SEALED In Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 16 Days $15.0
Stanley Jordan LP TOUCH SENSITIVE / 1st Private Press on TANGENT 1982 /SHRINKWRP Fixed Price 6 Days $20.0
Fun Beatles MAHARISHI Spoof LP Joey Forman MASHUGANISHI YOGI Bill Dana SHRINKWRP Store Inventory 8 Days $9.5
Memphis Mood LP Classic BLACK LACE Bill Black's Combo IN SHRINKWRP Stereo HI 60s Store Inventory 3 Days $9.5
Euro Disco Oddity LE PAMPLEMOUSSE Le Spank LP Nude Rear End Cover 1977 Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 10 Days $19.0
CHET ATKINS From Nashville With Love MONO 1966 Black Label original LP Shrinkwrp Store Inventory 28 Days $7.0
THE MODERN Jazz Quartet NO SUN IN VENICE Soundtrack LP Stereo Original SHRINKWRP Store Inventory 15 Days $9.5
Sensitive New Age Man FOLK LP Geof Morgan AT THE EDGE 1984 Flying Fish Shrinkwrp 0 6 Days $15.0