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Bids Time Left Price USD
10PCS National Semiconductor LF351N + Sockets JFET Operational Amplifier New IC Store Inventory 7 Days $11.98
LOT OF 1200 Electronic Components, Resistors, Transistors, Semiconductors Store Inventory 19 Days $19.0
Vintage HEP170 NOS Motorola Semiconductors - Lot of 5 Store Inventory 29 Days $7.95
6" Silicon Wafer Dallas Semiconductor DS2256 & DS9256 Parallel Static RAM memory Fixed Price 25 Days $15.0
National Semiconductor PC8477BV-1 Store Inventory 5 Days $5.95
1/2 Lb Pound LOT IC LOGIC Grab Bag CMOS TTL ANALOG etc. SEMICONDUCTOR Not Pulls! Fixed Price 22 Days $22.85
6" Silicon Wafer from Dallas Semiconductor with large test patterns and mosfet Fixed Price 24 Days $19.0
1PCS National Semiconductor LM4562NA LM4562 4562 - Dual OpAmp DIP-8 - New IC Fixed Price 4 Days $6.28
6" Silicon Wafer Dallas Semiconductor DS2433 1-wire 4096 bit EEPROM memory Fixed Price 28 Days $15.0
6" Silicon Wafer from Dallas Semiconductor with small test patterns and mosfet Fixed Price 28 Days $15.0
LOT OF 100+ Electronic Components, Resistors, Transistors, Semiconductors, etc. Fixed Price 22 Days $29.99
5x National Semiconductor IC 74LS133PC or 74LS133 Fixed Price 5 Days $5.85
Lot of 13 National Semiconductor LM301A Operational Amplifiers, NOS Store Inventory 27 Days $25.9
LME49710HA National Semiconductor NatSemi Original Fixed Price 15 Days $12.0
2x LME49720NA Dual DIP OpAmp; National Semiconductor Double LME49720 HiFi USA Fixed Price 5 Days $11.5
Vintage National Semiconductor LM741CH Single Op Amp full Tin Leads Store Inventory 28 Days $7.99
GAL20V8C-10LJ LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR SPLD GAL 5V 28-Pin PLCC 5 PIECES Store Inventory 17 Days $12.6
National Semiconductor DAC0808LCN Digital to Analog Converter 1 Channel R 4 pcs Fixed Price 21 Days $6.76
6" Silicon Wafer Dallas Semiconductor DS9106 Decoder Ring 1-wire EEPROM memory Fixed Price 20 Days $19.0
MC10H124FNG On Semiconductor Quad TTL to MECL Translator TTL Strobe Input 20 Pin Fixed Price 13 Days $7.37
1PCS National Semiconductor LM308N LM308 - Precision Op Amp - New IC Fixed Price 2 Days $7.48
National Semiconductor LM334Z LM334Z - 3-Terminal Adjustable Current Sour 10 pcs Fixed Price 16 Days $6.9
2 Pieces New LM305H National Semiconductor Voltage Regulators NOS Metal Can Store Inventory 15 Hours $9.95
5x LME49710NA Mono DIP OpAmp; National Semiconductor Single LME49710 HiFi USA Fixed Price 6 Days $13.95
Semiconductor IC,Fluorescent Character Display Tube,Mitsubishi,M5293L,5P5T,1 Pc Store Inventory 18 Days $4.5
HIFI National Semiconductor Gold LME49720HA dual op amp Store Inventory 27 Days $8.88
LM385BZ1.2 QTY 5 V-Ref Precision 1.235V 20mA 3-Pin TO-92 NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Fixed Price 13 Days $7.0
National Semiconductor DAC1232LCJ Store Inventory 12 Days $5.0
Fairchild Semiconductors 74F109SCX 2500 pcs Fixed Price 17 Days $75.0
NXP Semiconductors TDA3664/N1 Regulator Fixed Price 17 Days $75.0
Sprague Semiconductors N3000S 23Pcs New. Unknown function. Fixed Price 25 Days $50.0
Seiko Semiconductors Negative Voltage Regulator S-80250AG-GB-T1/GB Fixed Price 5 Days $80.0
Lot of 38 Philips Semiconductors 74HC377D Octal D-Type Flip-Flop w/ Data Enable Fixed Price 13 Days $40.0
1x NXP Semiconductors IC N82S23N 16 pins Fixed Price 13 Days $11.85
50-NXP Semiconductors-HEF4093BTD- Logic Gates Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigge Store Inventory 21 Days $10.0
Lot of 38 NXP Semiconductors 74HC377D Octal D-Type Flip-Flop Date Enable 20-SOIC Fixed Price 28 Days $25.0
NXP Semiconductors SAF7746HW/N100 Integrated Circuits Chip Encapsulation 1 piece Store Inventory 28 Days $10.0
Qty 20 pcs-NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORS-LM555CN/NOPB-Timers & Support Products TIMER Store Inventory 19 Days $10.0
National Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Chip NS82C50AN Store Inventory 13 Days $135.0
Qty 25 pcs-ON Semiconductors-MC74HC04ANG-Inverters 2-6V CMOS Hex, 6 Channel, Store Inventory 19 Days $7.5
National Semiconductor Two-Digit Display (MAN6640) Fixed Price 26 Days $5.95
N.i.p. Nat semiconductors lm79l05acm-nd neg volt reg Store Inventory 15 Days $13.95
PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS ISP1521BE Integrated Circuit New Quantity-1 Fixed Price 29 Days $41.45
Lot of 20: National Semiconductor 100314DC Fixed Price 25 Days $122.22
Lot of 10: National Semiconductor 100355DC Fixed Price 25 Days $122.22
Lot of 25: National Semiconductor 54LS133 Fixed Price 25 Days $122.22
Full Duplex Single Chip Modem SOIC 20Pin Sierra Semiconductor SC11003CM NEW 19pc Store Inventory 10 Days $76.22
TLD23167 HARRIS SEMICONDUCTOR WAFER DIE PACKAGE D23167 26/units Store Inventory 13 Days $99.0

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