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Bids Time Left Price USD
Irelyn 21" 4lbs, Beautifully Reborned Sculpt By Denise Pratt 3/4 Limbs Long Legs Store Inventory 29 Days $229.0
Gorgeous Celeste by Cindy Musgrove reborned by Kelly's Kreations must see! 0 3 Days $245.0
Reborn Baby Bluebell By Romie Strydom reborned By Tiny Gifts Nursery VERY RARE Fixed Price 11 Days $950.0
Realborn Dominic Reborned by Dolan's Dolls Fixed Price 19 Days $650.0
Saskia by Bonnie Brown Reborned by Lana Totten. Glass Eyes, Micro rooted hair Fixed Price 3 Days $1195.0
Beautiful Madison by Mina Torquati reborned by Kelly's Kreations 0 3 Days $295.0
Adorable Reborn Baby Doll Ellis by Olga Auer! Reborned by Lizzy's Babys! Fixed Price 3 Days $280.0
Adorable Reborned Baby Nevehah  0 1 Days $170.0
ReBoRnEd BiNki OrAnGuTaN MADE TO ORDER ~ BEAUTIFUL! Store Inventory 10 Days $259.99
ReBoRnEd KiWi BaBy GoRiLLa MADE TO ORDER VaLeNtiNe's GoRiLLa Store Inventory 19 Days $279.95
ReBoRnEd ChAz ChiMpAnZeE ~ MADE TO ORDER ~ YOU CHOOSE BOY OR GIRL Store Inventory 16 Days $199.99
Gorgeous Michelle by Evelina Wosnjuk reborned by Kellys Kreations Must see! 0 2 Days $369.0
Reborn Toddler 26" •Gabrielle• sculpt reborned by Nana's Little Angel Babies 0 4 Days $520.0
Reborn Andi Awake by Linda Murray Reborned by Little Darlins Nursery Rita Meese 0 3 Days $250.0
ashton drake doll reborned Fixed Price 12 Days $250.0
Reborned Arya a Ping Lau Sculpt , so gorgeous Store Inventory 16 Days $525.0
Reborned Nina a Adrie Stoete Sculpt , so gorgeous and so lifelike Store Inventory 21 Days $675.0
Reborned Journey a Laura Lee Eagles Sculpt , stunning Store Inventory 13 Days $625.0
Reborned Layla of paradise galleries Fixed Price 20 Days $138.0
Reborn Twins Kyla And Kylie By Famous Sculptress Romie Strydom 24" Reborned Cute Store Inventory 18 Days $750.0
Paola or the Sea Reborned by Fabian Tapia (2016, Paperback) Fixed Price 27 Days $18.99
NEW Paola Or The Sea Reborned by Fabian Tapia Fixed Price 24 Days $29.77
Reborned Doll Lisa by Linde Scherer Fixed Price 29 Days $300.0