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S. Raphaely Framed Poster of 4 Talmudic Scholars in Wood Gilt Jewish Judaica Fixed Price 3 Days $49.99
S. Raphaely Poster of Olive Trees In Judean Hills in Wood Gilt Frame Fixed Price 3 Days $49.99
1980 Press Photo Rabbi S. Raphaely displays his paintings for benefit show. Fixed Price 24 Days $16.0
1975 ZVI RAPHAELY hardcover THE PESSACH HAGGADAH Raphaeli Artistic Jerusalem Store Inventory 25 Days $40.5
Unusual Zvi Raphaely Rapheli Painted Porcelain Purim Ball - Judaica Israeli Art Fixed Price 13 Days $1750.0
Slash, Very Good DVD, David Dukas, Danny Keogh, Milan Murray, Guy Raphaely, Anto Fixed Price 27 Days $7.48