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The Proofreading Manual A Guide for Court Reporters, Scopists and Proofreaders 0 2 Days $35.0
Professional Editing & Proofreading with Unlimited 1-on-1 Support - Sample edit! Fixed Price 23 Days $1.0
Editing and proofreading services - books, school papers, articles, blogs, ESL Fixed Price 2 Days $3.35
Editing and Proofreading Service: Term Papers, Letters, Theses, Essays, etc. Fixed Price 5 Days $3.0
McGraw-Hill's Proofreading Handbook by Laura Killen Anderson (English) Paperback Fixed Price 24 Days $13.52
McGraw-Hill's Proofreading Handbook Fixed Price 24 Days $8.25
Proofreading and Editing Precision by Larry G. Pagel, 5th edition (2005) Fixed Price 5 Days $5.0
NEW - Skillsbook: Editing & Proofreading Practice, Teacher Edition Fixed Price 9 Days $4.3
Great Source WRITE AWAY SKILLS BOOK TE & Student Text EDITING PROOFREADING Fixed Price 25 Days $19.99
Great Source WRITE AWAY SKILLS BOOK Teacher's Edition Editing Proofreading Fixed Price 25 Days $14.99
Proofreading Reference Series:Language Arts Activity Book gr.4 5 6 7 8 #CD1393 Store Inventory 9 Days $7.5
Proofreading Curriculum Book 2 by Ellen McPeek-Glisan (1997, Paperback) Store Inventory 26 Days $13.99
Educational Posters 2 Pack Proofreading/Writing Grades 4-6 Homeschool 17x21 Store Inventory 2 Days $4.54
MORE PROOFREADING PRACTICE, PLEASE! - Grade 3 Fixed Price 7 Days $2.0
Proofreading Reference by Deborah White Broadwater - Language Arts Activity Book Fixed Price 3 Days $9.95
Scholastic MORE PROOFREADING PRACTICE, PLEASE! Dan Greenberg Grade 4 Store Inventory 11 Days $5.99
Developing Proofreading and Editing Skills Fixed Price 11 Days $41.46
Writers Inc Skillsbook Editing Proofreading Practice Teacher Edition Level 9 Store Inventory 6 Days $10.0
Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies Fixed Price 26 Days $10.01
Powerful Proofreading Skills : Tips, Techniques and Tactics by Smith STORE#3405 Store Inventory 3 Days $9.99
Proofreading and Editing Precision (with CD-ROM) Fixed Price 13 Days $16.16
Proofreading at the Computer: 10-Hour Series (with Data Disk) by Norstrom, Barb Fixed Price 10 Days $4.0
Glencoe Literature Writing and Proofreading Practice c5 Store Inventory 18 Days $8.99
Proofreading and Punctuation (Hardback or Cased Book) Fixed Price 11 Days $32.42
Phunny Stuph: Proofreading Exercises with a Sense of Humor Fixed Price 27 Days $4.48
Great Source Write Source Skills Book Lvl 7 Editing/Proofreading PracticeTE 7148 Fixed Price 27 Days $15.95
Great Source Write Source Skills Book, Lev 5 Editing/Proofreading PracticeTE8252 Fixed Price 1 Days $12.95
Legal Editing and Proofreading: Applying Critical Thinking and Language Skills Fixed Price 29 Days $50.18
Oh Yeah? Proof It!, Grade 3 by Carson-Dellosa (2010, Paperback) proofreading Fixed Price 13 Days $10.95
Proofreading & Editing Precision Fixed Price 5 Days $58.77
Proofreading At The Computer Fixed Price 25 Days $4.17
Mark My Words: Introduction and Practice in Proofreading, by Peggy Smith Store Inventory 26 Days $24.5
Write on Track SkillsBook: Editing and Proofreading Practice by Great Source. Fixed Price 26 Days $20.43
Find the Errors! : Proofreading Activities Vol. II by Nancy Lobb (Hardcover,... Fixed Price 5 Days $36.94
MARK MY WORDS- Instruction and Practice in Proofreading-Peggy Smith CLEAN PAGES! Fixed Price 12 Days $15.95
Proofreading at the Computer, 10-Hour Series (with CD-ROM) (10 Hour (South-West Fixed Price 11 Days $3.36
Exercises in Proofreading (Paperback or Softback) Fixed Price 10 Days $14.25
Write Source Skills Book, Lvl 6 Editing & Proofreading Practice TE 9780669507133 Fixed Price 27 Days $8.95
Great Source Write Source Skills Bk Lvl 11 Editing/Proofreading PracticeTE 1529 Fixed Price 21 Days $13.95
Grammar Tales: Francine Fribble, Proofreading Policewoman Martin, Justin Paperb Fixed Price 20 Days $4.39
Developing Proofreading and Editing Skills w/ Student CD-ROM Package by Camp, S Fixed Price 16 Days $24.46
Careful Eye : Grammar, Editing and Proofreading Exercises Fixed Price 24 Days $61.54
Write Source Skills Book Editing & Proofreading Practice Teacher's Edition Gr 4 Fixed Price 9 Days $11.75
Write Source 2000 Skills Book Editing Proofreading Grade Level 6 Teacher Edition Store Inventory 23 Days $8.0
Proofreading & Editing Precision Fixed Price 4 Days $19.44
Scholastic 5-Minute Daily Practice: PROOFREADING By Jill Safro 4-8~NEW~RV $11.95 Store Inventory 8 Days $6.5
Great Source Write Source Skills Book Level 2 Editing & Proofreading PracticeTE Fixed Price 1 Days $24.95
The Basics: Proofreading: A Programmed Approach Basics of Proofreading Fixed Price 19 Days $13.17
The DK Handbook : Researching, Desigining, Documenting, Proofreading,... Fixed Price 26 Days $15.0

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