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Macroeconomics: Principles, Problems, & Policies, Flynn, Sean, Brue, Stanley Fixed Price 10 Days $28.95
Global Healthcare: Issues and Policies by Carol Holtz (2016, Merchandise, Other) Fixed Price 22 Days $39.02
Property : Principles and Policies (NoDust) Fixed Price 29 Days $6.58
Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach, Seventh Edition Fixed Price 25 Days $28.4
Criminology: Theory, Research, and Policy, 4th Edition. Vito and Maahs. Fixed Price 29 Days $60.0
Feminist Perspectives on Family Care: Policies for Gender Justice (Family Caregi Fixed Price 29 Days $6.99
Derma Wand High Frequency Skin Care System Full Warranty - 30 Day Return Policy Store Inventory 14 Days $89.99
DermaWand - Super Deluxe Kit 1 Year Full Warranty - 30 Day Return Policy - NEW Store Inventory 1 Days $128.95
Flawed Criminal Justice Policies Fixed Price 3 Days $35.63
International Environmental Law and Policy, 4th (ExLib) Fixed Price 29 Days $9.07
A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis : The Eightfold Path to More Effective... Fixed Price 19 Days $3.99
Introduction to US Health Policy. third edition Fixed Price 29 Days $10.95
Global Economic Issues and Policies with Economic Applications by David D.... 0 6 Days $8.68
New York State Today : Politics, Government, Public Policy by Peter W. Colby Fixed Price 29 Days $4.78
The Everything Bubble: The Endgame For Central Bank Policy, New Fixed Price 9 Days $14.31
Business Policy and Strategic Management by Lawrence R. Jauch; William F. Glueck Fixed Price 29 Days $7.04
The Politics of Policy Making in Defense and Foreign Affairs : Conceptual... Fixed Price 29 Days $6.43
First teachers: A family literacy handbook for parents, policy-makers, and... Fixed Price 29 Days $7.91
Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks : International Workshop,... Fixed Price 18 Days $79.2
Combat Self Defend Law Enforcement Policy Tactical SAP Gloves Extra X Large XL Fixed Price 4 Days $22.95
Policies for America's Public Schools: Teacher, Equity and Indicators (Child ... Fixed Price 13 Days $115.4
Policies and Research in Identity Management Fixed Price 3 Days $93.36
American Government: Institutions And Policies, Essentials Edition Fixed Price 8 Days $235.97
Econimic Policies for Sustainable Develpment by Thomas Sterner (English) Hardcov Fixed Price 25 Days $303.3
50 Policies And Plans For Outpatient Services Fixed Price 1 Days $99.5
Management and Neoliberalism : Connecting Policies and Practices: By Styhre, ... Fixed Price 23 Days $185.87
Security Policies and Implementation Issues Fixed Price 3 Days $82.94
Petroleum Investment Policies in Developing Countries Fixed Price 13 Days $235.32
Understanding Media Policies: A European Perspective by Evangelia Psychogiopoulo Fixed Price 28 Days $119.99
Foreign Policies and Diplomacies in Asia Fixed Price 4 Days $90.24
The Foreign Policies of the European Union and the United States in North Africa Fixed Price 22 Days $192.76
Sustaining Cities: Urban Policies, Practices, And Perceptions (new Directions... Fixed Price 19 Days $88.79
NEW Language Policies Involving Teaching English in Postcolonial Contexts by The Fixed Price 10 Days $111.74
Princeton Legacy Library: How Policies Change : The Japanese Government and... Fixed Price 18 Days $157.5
Macroeconomic Policies in the World Economy (2004, Hardcover) Fixed Price 19 Days $188.99
New Approaches To Drug Policies: A Time For Change Fixed Price 17 Days $115.13
European Foreign Policies Fixed Price 3 Days $96.11
Education in Europe : Policies and Politics (2002, Hardcover) Fixed Price 18 Days $158.99
Monetary And Fiscal Policies In Emu: Interactions And Coordination Fixed Price 16 Days $109.59
Global Healthcare: Issues and Policies: By Holtz, Carol Fixed Price 26 Days $101.94
Macroeconomic Policies Of Developed Democracies (cambridge Studies In Compara... Fixed Price 16 Days $97.15
The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014 : Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in... Fixed Price 21 Days $126.0
Decision Policies for Production Networks (2012, Hardcover) Fixed Price 13 Days $221.09
Media Localism: The Policies Of Place Fixed Price 29 Days $90.15
Biodiversity Conservation : Problems and Policies 4 (2012, Paperback) Fixed Price 21 Days $269.0
Public Policies for Fostering Entrepreneurship : A European Perspective 22... Fixed Price 21 Days $235.81
Decision Policies for Production Networks (2014, Paperback) Fixed Price 25 Days $198.93
US and Cross-National Policies, Practices, and Preparation : Implications for... Fixed Price 19 Days $195.22

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