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Bids Time Left Price USD
Laszlo FESZT -- ORIGINAL SIGNED COLOR MEZZOTINT -- "Chariot of the Gods" 0 1 Days $18.0
1766 mezzotint, etching of David & Goliath, by John Boydell; Old Testament Bible Fixed Price 24 Days $95.0
Rare artist's Proof mezzotint by Eugene Tily - signed - free shipping! Fixed Price 10 Days $100.0
Signed Antique SAMUEL S. ARLENT EDWARDS T. Gainsborough Lady Portrait Mezzotint Fixed Price 6 Days $199.99
Original mezzotint by BRUN ROBERT / Czech 1 17 Hours $27.5
Peter Vilhelm Ilsted Mezzotint Etching "Girl at a Piano" circa 1910 Fixed Price 6 Days $350.0
Tomoe Yokoi, Strawberry Basket, Mezzotint, Signed & Numbered 87/100, EXC! Store Inventory 22 Days $199.99
Robert Kipniss Mezzotint Landscape with Window and Chair 2000 Store Inventory 9 Days $165.0
Antique Carved & Gilded Frame S ARLENT EDWARDS Mezzotint Rembrandt Engraving 33 18 Hours $365.0
The Laughing Cavalier Color Mezzotint by Sidney Wilson 1928 Fixed Price 20 Days $55.0
ELIZABETH Countess GROSVENOR Westminister Framed Print Large Mezzotint Henry Fixed Price 9 Days $12122.0
G. H. Rothe -- Big Sur -- Original Ltd Ed Mezzotint Fixed Price 17 Days $2000.0
Beauties of Claude Lorrain Mezzotint Plate 2 Engraved by Thomas Lupton Fixed Price 6 Days $45.0
G. H. Rothe Grapes II -- Original Ltd Edition Mezzotint Fixed Price 17 Days $1600.0
Henry Macbeth-Raeburn Mezzotint Sir John Sinclair 1921 Fixed Price 19 Days $1000.0
Rare 18th Century Reverse Glass Mezzotint Painting English Sporting Fox Hunt Fixed Price 16 Days $235.0
GH G H Rothe "Burning Roses" RARE Signed & Numbered Art Mezzotint MAKE AN OFFER! Store Inventory 1 Days $4200.0
Antique Red Boy/Master Lambton mezzotint in antique frame 0 5 Hours $35.0
GH G H Rothe "Chase" Hand Signed Mezzotint Artwork, horses, SUBMIT AN OFFER! Store Inventory 1 Days $24000.0
GH G H Rothe "Penuel 3" Rose Pink Original Mezzotint Hand Signed Art MAKE OFFER Store Inventory 1 Days $1900.0
G H Rothe BLACK ANGEL 1987 Hand Signed MEZZOTINT Art, dancing, Submit An Offer! Fixed Price 6 Days $5500.0
GH Rothe "Happy Horses St. II" Signed & Numbered Mezzotint Etching, MAKE OFFER! Fixed Price 25 Days $5500.0
G H Rothe CORN 2nd State B&W Hand Signed Art Print Mezzotint Etching L@@K! Fixed Price 6 Days $2100.0
G.H Rothe "Some of 48Tulips" Original Mezzotint Art Etching COA OFFERS WELCOME! Store Inventory 11 Days $2750.0
G H Rothe "Sunrise Dahlia" Signed Original Art Mezzotint Etching SUBMIT OFFER! Fixed Price 11 Days $2500.0
G H Rothe "Mollusk" Signed & Numbered Mezzotint Fine Art Print, Sea Shell L@@K! Store Inventory 16 Days $4400.0
G.H Rothe OAK TREE Rare Black & White Mezzotint Etching Custom Framed Make Offer Store Inventory 17 Days $4400.0
Edward Gross original midcentury mezzotint portrait of boy bagpipes Jamie Fixed Price 20 Days $75.0
RARE G.H Rothe "Window" Fine Art Mezzotint Etching Custom Frramed Submit Offer! Store Inventory 17 Days $7200.0
G H Rothe HAPPY HORSES ST II 1991 Hand Signed Art Mezzotint L@@K SUBMIT OFFER Fixed Price 5 Days $5500.0
G.H Rothe "Recital" Rare Original Mezzotint Etching Ballet Dancers, Make Offer! Store Inventory 17 Days $5600.0
G H Rothe "Herd" Horses Rare Hand Signed LE Mezzotint Art SUBMIT AN OFFER! Store Inventory 1 Days $2350.0
G.H Rothe "Herd" original hand signed mezzotint etching, horse art, MAKE OFFER! Store Inventory 28 Days $2000.0
Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond - 1811 Mezzotint Engraving Store Inventory 22 Days $29.0
G.H Rothe "Ben Rabba" original mezzotint horse Art Hand Signed Limited Edition Store Inventory 10 Days $2500.0
G.H Rothe "Ben Rabba" brown horse Original Mezzotint Etching Hand Signed OBO Fixed Price 20 Days $2500.0
G.H Rothe Ballet Picture I, Original Mezzotint Etching, Signed, Offers Welcome! Store Inventory 11 Days $12000.0
Signed G H ROTHE Mezzotint "Pacific Coast" Limited Edition Print #46/150 Large Store Inventory 13 Days $175.0
Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex- 1811 Mezzotint Engraving Store Inventory 3 Days $29.0
G.H Rothe "CHOICE" Signed Mezzotint Etching Limited Edition Framed SUBMIT OFFER! Store Inventory 17 Days $4500.0
G.H Rothe "Arabian Night II" Mezzotint Art Horse HAND SIGNED limited edition Store Inventory 10 Days $3300.0
G.H Rothe "Powerplay" Masterpiece Mezzotint Etching, Signed Framd OFFERS WELCOME Store Inventory 17 Days $9600.0
G H Rothe HAPPY HORSES ST II 1991 Hand Signed Mezzotint Art L@@K SUBMIT AN OFFER Fixed Price 5 Days $5500.0
G H Rothe SARAFINA 1989 ballet dancer Hand Signed Mezzotint, Make Offer! L@@K Fixed Price 6 Days $4000.0
Antique original mezzotint portrait of fancy lady and rainbow Fixed Price 21 Days $49.5
G H Rothe CHOICE Limited Edition ROSE Mezzotint Hand Signd on paper ART L@@K Fixed Price 1 Days $4500.0
GH Rothe "Fourth Of July " Mezzotint Hand Singed Artwork Limited Edition L@@K! Fixed Price 11 Days $6500.0
Very fine mezzotint by Czech artist Dalibor Smutny Fixed Price 25 Days $350.0
G H Rothe CONBRIO 1982 Hand Signed ART MEZZOTINT ballet dancing Make An Offer! Store Inventory 21 Days $4400.0

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