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Literacies by Kalantzis, Mary, Cope, Bill Fixed Price 10 Days $7.0
A New Literacies Sampler (New Literacies and Digital Epistemologies) by Fixed Price 17 Days $6.98
Digital Rhetoric and Global Literacies : Communication Modes and Digital... Fixed Price 12 Days $205.0
Transforming Literacies and Language : Multimodality and Literacy in the New... Fixed Price 12 Days $162.0
New Literacies Around the Globe : Policy and Pedagogy (2014, Hardcover) Fixed Price 12 Days $163.0
Changing Literacies for Changing Times : An Historical Perspective on the... Fixed Price 22 Hours $160.0
Social Linguistics and Literacies : Ideology in Discourses by James Gee... Fixed Price 1 Days $163.0
Teaching Discipline-Specific Literacies in Grades 6-12 : Preparing Students... Fixed Price 25 Days $163.0
Multilingual Learners and Academic Literacies : Sociocultural Contexts of... Fixed Price 5 Days $155.0
Constructing Literacies by Fixed Price 17 Days $7.64
Teacher Training and Electronic Literacies (2016, Hardcover) Fixed Price 29 Days $145.0
Mapping Multiple Literacies : An Introduction to Deleuzian Literacy Studies... Fixed Price 14 Days $148.0
Digital Literacies by Julia Gillen (2014, Hardcover) Fixed Price 23 Hours $155.0
Culturally Contested Literacies: America's 'Rainbow Uderclass' and Urban Scho... Fixed Price 3 Days $212.7
Expanding Literacies in Education: Literacy, Place, and Pedagogies of... Fixed Price 13 Days $135.7
Popular Literacies, Childhood and Schooling: By Jackie Marsh, Elaine Millard Fixed Price 3 Days $201.05
Changing Literacies for Changing Times: An Historical Perspective on the Futu... Fixed Price 3 Days $201.05
Social Studies as New Literacies in a Global Society : Relational... Fixed Price 22 Hours $120.17
Literacies Ser.: Hiphop Literacies by Elaine Richardson (2006, Hardcover) Fixed Price 17 Hours $135.0
Literacies Across Media: By Mackey Fixed Price 3 Days $255.38
Transforming Literacies And Language: Multimodality And Literacy In The New M... Fixed Price 3 Days $173.73
Reading Work: Literacies in the New Workplace: By Belfiore, Mary Ellen, Defoe... Fixed Price 3 Days $158.37
Multilingual Hong Kong: Languages, Literacies and Identities: By Li, David C.... Fixed Price 16 Days $157.82
Service-Learning Literacies by Steven Hart (2008, Paperback) Fixed Price 11 Days $111.0
Critical Literacies in Action : Social Perspectives and Teaching Practices... Fixed Price 18 Days $99.0
Mapping Multiple Literacies: An Introduction To Deleuzian Literacy Studies: B... Fixed Price 3 Days $158.79
Hiphop Literacies: By Elaine Richardson Fixed Price 3 Days $170.01
Literacy and Literacies: Texts, Power, and Identity: By Collins, James, Blot,... Fixed Price 3 Days $134.46
Marginalized Literacies : Critical Literacy in the Language Arts Classroom by... Fixed Price 14 Days $85.99
Media Literacies: A Critical Introduction: By Hoechsmann, Michael, Poyntz, St... Fixed Price 3 Days $118.38
Working with Academic Literacies : Case Studies Towards Transformative... Fixed Price 9 Days $80.0
Service-Learning Literacies: By STEVEN HART Fixed Price 27 Days $127.76
Researching New Literacies: Design, Theory, and Data in Sociocultural Investigat Fixed Price 4 Days $44.99
Critical Literacies in Action: Social Perspectives and Teaching Practices Fixed Price 27 Days $126.66
Literacies 2nd Edition Paperback Fixed Price 16 Days $69.0
Literacies: By Kalantzis, Mary Cope, Bill Chan, Eveline Dalley-Trim, Leanne Fixed Price 25 Days $109.63
Marginalized Literacies: Critical Literacy In The Language Arts Classroom (hc... Fixed Price 3 Days $110.24
Media Literacies : A Critical Introduction by Stuart R. Poyntz and Michael... Fixed Price 17 Days $102.95
Many Families, Many Literacies: An International Declaration of Principles Fixed Price 18 Days $28.56
Mobile Learning: Languages, Literacies And Cultures (new Language Learning An... Fixed Price 3 Days $109.04
Critical Literacies : Global and Multicultural Perspectives by Bogum Yoon... Fixed Price 18 Days $69.99
Rethinking Rural Literacies: Transnational Perspectives Fixed Price 7 Days $109.04
Developing 21st Century Literacies: By Mary Jo Langhorne, Denise Rehmke, Iowa... Fixed Price 3 Days $97.39
educators online: Preparing Today's Teachers for Tomorrow's Digital Literacies Fixed Price 15 Days $19.9
Teaching Discipline-Specific Literacies in Grades 6-12 Fixed Price 12 Days $190.12
Social Studies as New Literacies: Living in a Global Society: By Baildon, Mar... Fixed Price 3 Days $194.95
Literacies Ser.: Design Literacies : Learning and Innovation in the Digital... Fixed Price 26 Days $51.95
Critical Literacies : Global and Multicultural Perspectives: By Yoon, Bogum Fixed Price 13 Days $82.2
Literacies of Power : What Americans Are Not Allowed to Know by Donaldo Macedo Fixed Price 20 Days $21.0
Situated Literacies: Reading and Writing in Context Fixed Price 3 Days $78.49

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