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New LS20H-M2 Lamphouse for Olympus BH-2 Microscope, w/ New Lamp. Fixed Price 27 Days $85.0
Strong Super Lumex Lamphouse With Power Supply Store Inventory 5 Days $1000.0
Leitz Microscope Mercury HBO Lamp Housing Lamphouse with attachment for SM-LUX Store Inventory 28 Days $80.0
Omega darkroom enlarger with C-700 lamphouse, carrier and lens. Fixed Price 4 Hours $100.0
Omega Darkroom Enlarger C-700 Lamphouse 0 3 Hours $39.99
Beseler 45M enlarger complete with condenser lamphouse, 4x5 carrier & lensboard Fixed Price 22 Days $850.0
Nikon Microscope Optiphot Epi Polarizing Illuminator with Lamphouse - complete Fixed Price 9 Days $240.0
Olympus Microscope 6V 30W lamphouse for BX series microscope U-LS30-4 Store Inventory 28 Days $90.0
Omega Chromega B Dichroic Lamphouse Enlarger Power Supply FREE SHIPPING Store Inventory 3 Days $24.95
Simmon Omega Condenser Lamphouse Type D 0 4 Days $25.0
American Optical 652 Microscope Illuminator Lamphouse w/ Limkage Incandescent Fixed Price 19 Days $40.0
Leitz 6V 20W Halogen Lamphouse Microscope Part # 514602 Or 514672 Laborlux + Store Inventory 1 Days $99.0
Omega Dichroic (Color) Lamphouse For C700 & C760 Enlargers (Open Box) Fixed Price 25 Days $369.95
Omega DV 4"x5" Universal Condenser Lamphouse: lamp, variable condense, set... Fixed Price 6 Days $650.0
Omega Condenser Lamphouse Type D for D-Series Enlargers Fixed Price 26 Days $30.0
Vintage Omega Photo Enlarger C-700 Lamphouse Store Inventory 7 Days $75.0
Leitz 307-148.002 Microscope Lamphouse HBO Illuminator 514687 Store Inventory 18 Days $129.0
Beseler Printmaker 35 Photo Enlarger Lamphouse 6x7 Plus EXTRAS Store Inventory 4 Days $25.49
Nikon FN Microscope Lamphouse Adapter FN-LPA MBF72210 Store Inventory 8 Days $373.0
Nikon Microscope Halogen Lamphouse HBO XBO & Fluorescence Adapter HMX SB-X1 Store Inventory 19 Days $199.0
Super Chromega F Chassis w/24" x 32" baseboard #406010 (+ FREE LAMPHOUSE)- Store Inventory 3 Hours $10000.0
Super Lumex Lamphouse with 110 Volt Strong Switching Rectifier Fixed Price 26 Days $1500.0
Vtg SIMMON Omega CHROMEGA D LAMPHOUSE Enlarger Photography & Original D4 Stand Store Inventory 1 Days $389.0
Omega Super Chromega Dichroic II Lamphouse 4 x 5 Power Supply 300 Watts Used Store Inventory 7 Days $29.95
Olympus Microscope BH2 with 100W Lamphouse and 50 Oil Store Inventory 28 Days $1875.0
Olympus Microscope Mercury Lamphouse and Power Supply Store Inventory 28 Days $1250.0
Microscope Illuminator Lamphouse Leitz Wetzlar 307-148.002 100W Light Source Store Inventory 4 Days $110.0
Carl Zeiss 44 72 30 Adjustable Laboratory Mirror Lamphouse Adapter Module Fixed Price 8 Days $180.99
Berkey Omega C 760 Modular Diffusion System Lamphouse Photography Pro Store Inventory 6 Days $65.0
Leitz Microscope HBO Lamphouse Part # 051-983 Diavert Fluovert Store Inventory 8 Days $89.0
Olympus BH2 100w HBO Fluorescence Lamphouse Microscope Store Inventory 28 Days $74.99
Berkley Super Chromega C Dichroic Lamphouse Fixed Price 6 Days $29.95
100w Halogen Microscope Lamphouse w/Adjustable Slit Fixed Price 20 Days $40.0
Leica 4 Position Lamphouse Filter Holder W Filters, Pulled from a Leica DM IRB Store Inventory 20 Days $125.0
Zeiss AxioSkop Lamphouse Halogen 447218 12V 100W with 50W Bulb Installed Fixed Price 15 Days $299.0
Ortholux 1 Lamphouse Without Socket Fixed Price 23 Days $60.0
Refurbished Nikon Alphaphot YS Illumination Lamphouse Assembly with New Bulb Fixed Price 26 Days $125.0
Omega C700 Lamphouse Light Fixed Price 19 Days $14.49
Simon Omega Condenser Lamphouse Type B Store Inventory 17 Hours $44.5
Vintage Omega D2 4x5 Photo Enlarger Lamphouse with Condensers / Filter Drawer Fixed Price 9 Days $74.5
Leica DMRB DMR 12v 100w Quartz Lamphouse for Transmitted Light Fixed Price 23 Days $299.0
Simon Omega Lamphouse for Enlarger Fixed Price 27 Days $53.23
Hund Wetzlar Wilovert Inverted Microscope W 4X,10X, 20X Obj., 6V 20W Lamphouse Store Inventory 17 Days $500.0
Nikon LHS-H100P-1 Microscope Lamphouse 100W 12V Halogen Lamp House Illuminator Fixed Price 6 Days $294.99
35mm Projector Xenon Lamphouse & Power Supply 500 watt 120 volt Kni-Tron Rectofi Store Inventory 5 Days $500.0
Omega Model B8XL Enlarger With Simmon Omega Condenser Lamphouse Type B S2242 Store Inventory 25 Days $89.99
Beseler 23C III-XL Chassis Darkroom Condensor Lamphouse Photo Enlarger Store Inventory 1 Hours $275.49
Olympus IM Microscope Lamphouse Illuminator And Bulb [48mm dia - mounting tube] Store Inventory 27 Days $95.0
Omega Chromega B Dichroic Lamphouse Enlarger Power Supply Fixed Price 5 Days $29.95

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