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Vintage Pair Funeral Kneelers 2 Casket Prayer Benches Prie Dieu W/ Carrying Case Fixed Price 19 Days $225.0
2 RARE Antique LONG WOOD Funeral Canvas Flag Hearse Procession Vehicle Markers Store Inventory 28 Days $59.99
Lot of 3 Antique Victorian Mourning Funeral Cards dating 1889, 1890 and 1892 1 11 Hours $9.99
Magnetic Purple and White Cemetery Mortuary Hearse Funeral Flags 9 in x 6 in Fixed Price 29 Days $42.0
Medium Funeral Cremation Urn For Human Ashes Memorial Keepsake Box Store Inventory 8 Days $74.99
Antique VTG Funeral Repose Embalming Cooling Viewing Table PAPRICLOTH SHEET NOS 0 6 Hours $27.95
RARE Vintage Antique Funeral Embalming MORTICIAN PRACTICE MAKEUP DEATH MASK HEAD Fixed Price 25 Days $300.0
Antique Prayer Card Holder Prie Dieu vintage casket funeral home oddities 30 1 Days $67.0
Closure Used In Embalming Process/Plug Funeral Death Fixed Price 27 Days $15.0
Going Home Adult Funeral Cremation Urn, Solid Brass, Red Finish, Free Shipping Store Inventory 5 Days $69.0
(1901 Framed remembrance Produced by Funeral Home) From Estate in 1980's-Rare 1 2 Days $19.99
Rare Vtg Art Deco Mid Century FUNERAL Car Paper Window Windshield Sign Sticker Fixed Price 18 Days $9.0
Adult Funeral Cremation Urn, Solid Brass, Brown and Golden Finish, Free Shipping Store Inventory 5 Days $69.0
Antique 1918 Funeral/ Embalming and Undertaker reciept 0 5 Days $40.0
Vintage Batesville IN Caskets Coffin Salesman Sample Mortuary Funeral Home 1 4 Days $19.0
Vintage Double Sided Metal Outdoor FUNERAL Home SPACE NO PARKING SIGN MARKER 1 2 Days $49.99
Vintage Funeral Reserved Ornate Sign No Parking Stand Signage Hearse Procession Fixed Price 19 Days $225.0
RARE VINTAGE Embalming Tools, Mortuary, Funeral Equipment with Original Case Store Inventory 25 Days $212.45
Classic Aluminum Funeral Cremation Urn for human Ashes, Adult Fixed Price 18 Days $39.99
Wooden Human Funeral Cremation Urn Box with Tree of Life Engraving Adult Size Fixed Price 28 Days $42.34
Antique Funeral Graveside Photo Antique Cars 1910s Gravesite Original Photo B&W 0 1 Days $4.98
Odd Glass Funeral Home Ambulance Service Thermometer Fixed Price 27 Days $30.0
Vintage Motuary make up box. funeral director 22 1 Days $56.0
Cremation Urn Loving Angel Wings Silver White Burial Funeral Small Keepsake Fixed Price 23 Days $44.99
Grey Funeral Cremation Urn for Human Ashes - Brass - Large 200 lbs Fixed Price 24 Days $69.99
Vintage Funeral Home Tools Mortician Undertaker Embalm Morgue Embalming Syringe Store Inventory 29 Days $64.95
VTG CHAMPION Complete Cosmetic Kit Makeup Embalming Mortician Funeral Death Store Inventory 25 Days $102.55
Vintage Funeral Home Slow Traffic Sign Unicoi, Tn. Thank You Funeral Cemetery 0 2 Days $39.0
Silver 3" Heart Keepsake Urn • Small Funeral Cremation Urn fits Small Amount ... Fixed Price 24 Days $27.99
24"cemetery cross, Roadside Memorial, Grave Marker, fall cross, funeral service Store Inventory 25 Days $12.99
advertising ambulance service funeral home parlor 1949 Cadillac hearse postcard  2 4 Hours $8.01
Antique Victorian Mourning Funeral Card 1900 Store Inventory 6 Days $16.0
Vintage Smelling Salts Container + Harostock Funeral Home Wilkes-Barre PA Advert 0 6 Days $8.99
VINTAGE LOT 6 POLISH MAN post mortem in casket funeral REAL photoS Store Inventory 4 Days $12.99
Adult Funeral Cremation Urn & 1 Token Urn Nickel and Blue Fixed Price 29 Days $119.99
1930's SHRAM'S FUNERAL HOME Merrill WI advertising thermometer SYROCO devil base Store Inventory 19 Days $199.99
Large Cremation Urn for Human Adult Funeral Ashes Brass Metal & Velvet Box Fixed Price 14 Days $159.99
Gold and Black Funeral Cremation Urn - Brass - Large 200 lbs Fixed Price 24 Days $99.99
Rare National Casket Co. Bronze Building Plaque Sign Oddity Funeral Embalming 0 6 Days $500.0
Antique Death Funeral VICTORIAN MOURNING Art & Casket Plate Memorial WRENTHAM MA Store Inventory 19 Days $249.95
Pink Funeral Cremation Urn for Human Ashes - Brass - Large 200 lbs Fixed Price 24 Days $69.99
Antique 1920s Funeral Kneeler Prie Dieu & Electric Candelabras Lamps W/Cases Store Inventory 21 Days $400.0
Funeral Keepsake Urn by Meilinxu- Cremation Urn for Human Ashes Adult - M... New Fixed Price 28 Days $27.99
Vintage Funeral Mass Card Stand Ornate Prayer Spiritual Bouquet Standing Display Fixed Price 11 Days $295.0
American Flag Display Case, Military Memorial Funeral Box Wood Frame 8 x 16" Store Inventory 29 Days $44.99
Vintage Funeral Free Standing Velvet Drape Casket Display Curtain Carrying Case Fixed Price 11 Days $395.0
Vintage Funeral Floor Standing Lighted Announcement Board Ornate Menu Stand Old Fixed Price 11 Days $395.0
Small/Keepsake Blue Brass Avalon Funeral Cremation Urn, 5 cubic inches Store Inventory 17 Days $39.99

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