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Bids Time Left Price USD
Interesting Javan Millipede Millepede sp Diplopoda FAST FROM USA Store Inventory 22 Days $3.79
Cute Sulawesi Millipede Millipede sp. Diplopoda FAST FROM USA Store Inventory 23 Days $3.49
Very big size Diplopoda sp 260mm from West java Indonesia 0 7 Days $10.0
American Oniscoid Diplopoda of the Order Merocheta by Orator Fuller Cook Hardcov Fixed Price 11 Days $30.27
DIPLOPODA Polyzoniida Polyzonidae Extremely Rare Millipede BALTIC AMBER + HQ Pic Store Inventory 2 Days $299.99
Amber Dominican Republic Rare Diplopoda Insect 1.2g Authentic Extraordinary Store Inventory 23 Days $74.99
25981.Unmounted insects, Diplopoda?. From South Vietnam. Store Inventory 2 Days $2.2
Fungus Gnat LAYING EGGS & MILLIPEDE Diplopoda Inclusion BALTIC AMBER + HQ Pic Store Inventory 17 Days $79.99
Amber Dominican Republic Diplopoda Worm Insect 1.1g Gem Authentic Extraordinary Store Inventory 25 Days $112.49
Large MILLIPEDE 9mm Diplopoda Fossil Inclusion Genuine BALTIC AMBER 150730 Store Inventory 6 Days $79.99
Dominican Amber Fossil V744 Diplopoda Polydesmida Super nice Store Inventory 27 Days $249.0
Atlas of European Millipedes: Class Diplopoda: Orders Polyxenida, Glomerida, Pla Fixed Price 8 Days $320.5
Baltic Amber Inclusion 1751. DIPLOPODA MILLIPEDE + ANT Fossil UNIQUE RARE AMBER Fixed Price 19 Hours $49.0
Large MILLIPEDE 10mm Diplopoda in Debris Polished Genuine BALTIC AMBER 0324-6 Store Inventory 25 Days $59.99