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General Dwight D. Eisenhower,original, published, signed Oscar Berger caricature 2 6 Hours $10.5
ORIGINAL 8.5x11" FULL COLOR CARICATURE ART by T.C. FORD, from your photos! Fixed Price 7 Days $25.0
Tom Brady The Brady Bunch New England Patriots Caricature T Shirt NFL Mens Large Store Inventory 21 Days $9.99
Custom Caricature Drawn from Photos Fixed Price 24 Days $29.99
Caricature cartoon drawing. "Warriors" Original artwork. 9.25" x 4.25"  0 6 Days $0.25
Oakland Raiders Forever Collectibles Caricature Piggy Bank - Black Fixed Price 28 Days $18.74
VTG Charles Barkley Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets Caricature T Shirt Mens 2XL Store Inventory 24 Days $24.99
Jak Smyrl Caricature Pen & Ink Print Thumbtwiddlers Convention HQ 9 3/8" x 9" 1 5 Days $7.99
Custom Personalized Caricature in color, as GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION by Karikaturus Fixed Price 1 Days $24.98
The Cure Caricature Doodle Figure Image Black T Shirt New Official Fixed Price 1 Days $17.59
Rare New Vintage 1987 Phil Simms Caricature Tee Shirt New York Giants Size M Fixed Price 22 Hours $24.67
Vint. #9 Bobby Hull 500th Goal Club B&W Caricature Cartoon Print by R. Pelkowski Fixed Price 19 Days $9.99
Vntg Salem Sportswear Dallas Cowboys Caricature 90's Sweatshirt Youth XL 18 -20 0 5 Days $3.99
Custom Black and White Caricatures Drawn From Photos Fixed Price 29 Days $15.0
Vintage Salem Houston Rockets Back To Back Champs T Shirt Caricature Size M 90s Fixed Price 7 Days $49.95
VTG LOS ANGELES DODGERS MLB 1988 World Series Champions caricature t-shirt XL Store Inventory 13 Days $10.0
VTG 1991 Chicago Bulls Finals Caricature T Shirt Jordan Pippen Champs Salem L 1 5 Days $7.99
AUTHENTIC NIKE AIR JORDAN CARICATURE BLACK T-SHIRT 899820-010 Store Inventory 18 Days $29.99
Bo Jackson Caricature Vintage Retro T Shirt Fixed Price 4 Days $19.99
Cowboys Christmas Cartoon Sketch Drawing Longhorns And Mistletoes Caricature 6x8 0 4 Days $5.0
VTG Detroit Lions 1991 Playoffs Barry Sanders Thumbs Up Caricature Sweatshirt L Store Inventory 22 Days $44.99
Grotesque Outsider Art Caricature Cartoon Original Signed P. Duggins Sieber FPS Fixed Price 6 Days $124.99
Rare Original Rudolf Herrmann Political Cartoon Caricature Austrian Signed Fixed Price 4 Days $50.0
Unique custom Caricature, Cartoon drawing,Personalised Gift - PASTEL, PORTRAIT Fixed Price 2 Days $69.99
Custom Hand Drawn Colour Couple Caricature - Personalized - Romantic Anniversary Fixed Price 2 Days $69.99
Hand Drawn Black & White Custom Caricature Portrait - Personalised Gift - Fixed Price 2 Days $54.99
Hand Drawn Black & White Custom Caricature Portrait -Personalised Gift -Portrait Fixed Price 2 Days $54.99
Hand Drawn Full Body Custom Caricature Portrait - Personalised Gift - Caricature Fixed Price 2 Days $69.99
1932 Original Hand Drawing caricature by "Wolo" Trutzschler " George Arliss" Store Inventory 23 Days $2900.0
Caricature by photo. Custom hand-made funny portrait. Fixed Price 21 Days $69.99
Caricature by photo. Custom hand-made funny portrait. Fixed Price 21 Days $54.99
Caricature by photo. Custom hand-made cartoon. Fixed Price 19 Days $54.99
Caricature by photo. Custom hand-made funny portrait. Pastel Fixed Price 23 Days $54.99
2 Persons Custom Caricature from Photo, Artist, Figures & Portraits, Pastel, Fixed Price 2 Days $69.99
Hand Caricature Drawn by Enrico Caruso Ex: Christie's Store Inventory 3 Days $600.0
Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn Caricature Sketch Fixed Price 24 Days $500.0
Hugh Benjamin Cotton Portrait caricature Vanity Fair Spy col. lithograph 1894 17 3 Hours $38.55
Custom Caricatures from Photos, Cartoon Portrait Illustrations, Facebook Profile Fixed Price 2 Days $69.99
Original 1951 Drawn Caricature Portraits Mexico Maybe Signed By Hector Xavier Store Inventory 19 Days $227.49
Caricature Couple Wedding Canvas Signing at Reception! LARGE 16x20 Hand Drawn Fixed Price 25 Days $95.0
1980's Vintage Original Caricature Pencil Drawing of Surfer Party Dude by Regan Store Inventory 23 Days $24.99
Custom Pet Caricature Art - 2 pet Head -full color (11 x 14) (12 x 16) Fixed Price 16 Days $65.0
Framed B&W caricature of Pablo Picasso, Anibal Troilo and James Joyce. Signed. Fixed Price 15 Days $45.0
Custom Caricature Art Hand Drawn 4 Person Activity 12 x 16" Full Color Fixed Price 1 Days $80.0
David Levine Caricature (ink drawing) Store Inventory 25 Days $1000.0
Vtg Original Art Jerry Springer Caricature Cartoon Comic Illustration Drawing Store Inventory 13 Days $43.49
Caricature - Style Drawing of Bill Clinton Store Inventory 23 Hours $10.0
vintage Character Sketch Caricature Cartoon Piano Player Drawing Store Inventory 2 Days $40.0
Original Art Custom Hand Drawn Caricature 2 Person Activity 11x14 Full Color Fixed Price 24 Days $55.0

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