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Bids Time Left Price USD
Real Framed Ayuthia Spectabilis Ghost Cicada 2169 Store Inventory 7 Days $49.99
Real Framed Ayuthia Spectabilis & Tosena Splendida Cicada's 7833 Store Inventory 16 Days $69.99
Sommerville, Maxwell / Siam on the Meinam From the Gulf to Ayuthia Together With Fixed Price 29 Days $27.5
1987 Press Photo 17th Century Carved Wooden Door panel in Ayuthia, Thailand Fixed Price 20 Days $18.88
Siam: On the Meinam from the Gulf to Ayuthia. Together with Three Romances Illus Fixed Price 15 Days $29.18
Bangkok Art Nouveau Elephant Craal Ayuthia Siam ca 1899 Store Inventory 17 Days $109.99
CICADA/HOMOPTERA/Ayuthia Spectabile (Spread) - Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Store Inventory 9 Days $8.98
SINGAPORE Wild elephants crossing the river on the way to the Kraal Ayuthia tear Store Inventory 29 Days $19.99