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Altemus Old 1ST Ed Childrens Book THE ROBBER KITTEN Fixed Price 28 Days $23.0
Lot Of 2~Stories From Shakespeare~Anderson’s Fairy Tales~Henry Altemus 0 3 Days $1.95
Chicken Little Altemus' Banbury Cross Series 1904 - 1905 Vintage Fixed Price 12 Days $8.0
House of the Seven Gables antique book Henry Altemus Philadelphia illustrated Fixed Price 25 Days $4.99
Antique 1900 Charles Dickens Children's Stories - Altemus' Dainty Series Fixed Price 6 Days $10.0
Zoe - Henry Altemus Company Fixed Price 12 Days $7.95
Vintage Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin 1895 ALTEMUS Phila Pa 1ST. Fixed Price 19 Days $19.0
PETER RABBITS EASTER Vintage HB Childs Book~1921 Altemus Series~L Stevens Almond Store Inventory 21 Days $24.99
WOOD'S ILLUSTRATED NATURAL HISTORY - 1897 - Altemus - Color Plates Fixed Price 21 Days $25.0
SIR WALTER SCOTT The Lady of The Lake 1899 Henry Altemus Philadelphia hardcover Fixed Price 12 Days $14.99
John Ploughman's Talk - Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon **1896 Henry Altemus Edition** Store Inventory 22 Days $34.95
My Point Of View Henry Drummond 1892 Henry Altemus Philadelphia Store Inventory 4 Days $7.17
Vintage CHARLES DICKENS - THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH - By Henry Altemus Co. Store Inventory 25 Days $5.99
1908 hardcover edition of "robinson crusoe" by howard e altemus Fixed Price 19 Days $9.99
The Fairy Land of Science by Arabella B. Buckley HC - Henry Altemus Co. 0 5 Days $2.99
Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders On the Great American Desert, c. 1921 Altemus HB 0 5 Days $5.0
1921 Altemus Co. Wee Books PETER RABBIT'S BIRTHDAY Linda Stevens Almond Fixed Price 13 Days $24.99
STORY OF YOUNG BENJAMIN FRANKLIN by Whipple ALTEMUS Am History Maker Series hc/d Fixed Price 11 Hours $14.99
Lives Of The Presidents Of The United States Prescott Holmes 1898 Henry Altemus Store Inventory 8 Days $9.57
STORY OF YOUNG ABRAHAM LINCOLN by Whipple ALTEMUS Am History Maker Series hc /dj Fixed Price 11 Hours $17.99
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Henry Altemus, No Date) ~ Hardcover, Illustrated Fixed Price 1 Days $4.55
STORY OF THE LIBERTY BELL by Wayne Whipple ALTEMUS hard cover dust jacket Fixed Price 11 Hours $12.99
Vtg ROBINSON CRUSOE ~ IN WORDS OF ONE SYLLABLE ~ Daniel Defoe 1899 Altemus HC Store Inventory 19 Days $29.99
THE CAPTIVE BOY The Story of Daniel BY J. H. WILLARD 1905 Altemus Children Bible Store Inventory 3 Days $14.5
THE SWEET STORY OF OLD By L HASKELL Henry Altemus HC 1904 Store Inventory 15 Days $14.95
WEE FOLKS LIFE OF CHRIST By HOWARD E ALTEMUS Henry Altemus HC 1920 Store Inventory 15 Days $9.99
Through the Looking Glass & What Alice Found There - Lewis Carroll Altemus 1897 Store Inventory 17 Days $279.99
Antique Alexander the Great 1900 Henry Altemus Illustrated Children’s History Fixed Price 28 Days $19.99
Once In Seven Years, Altemus' Beautiful Stories with DJ Store Inventory 16 Days $35.97
Uncle Tom's Cabin 1895 by H. B. Stowe published by Henry Altemus Store Inventory 12 Days $17.95
Vintage, The Boy Who Obeyed, The Story of Isaac by Henry Altemus 1905 Store Inventory 5 Days $9.95
An EASTER LILY 1906 HB Amanda Douglas, Illus. by Gonzalez, Altemus Pub,5 Stories Store Inventory 14 Days $49.99
Paradise Lost Vol. 1 by Milton (hardcover, Henry Altemus) Fixed Price 29 Days $15.0
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll ~ RARE 1897 Altemus Edition Store Inventory 18 Days $95.44
William Shakespeare The Comedy of Errors Henry Altemus Company 1903-1905 Store Inventory 9 Days $32.99
Rare: Mother Stories Altemus Publishers 1908 Hardcover Illustrated Store Inventory 18 Days $20.9
The Sketch Book by Washington Irving~Revised Edition 1848~ Altemus Co. Store Inventory 8 Days $15.0
The Pilgrims Progess By John Bunyan 1896 HB Altemus Young Peoples Library Ed. Store Inventory 23 Days $12.95
John Habberton POOR BOYS' CHANCES First Edition Henry Altemus 1900 RARE in dj Store Inventory 13 Days $100.0
Charles Dickens THE CHIMES A Goblin's Story 1899 Henry Altemus Store Inventory 21 Days $14.95
1899 ETHICS OF THE DUST John Ruskin Henry Altemus Publisher Minerals Lectures Store Inventory 28 Days $89.99
The Throne of Grace " The Pathway of Promise " Henry Altemus (1896 HC ) Rare Store Inventory 18 Days $13.99
Antique BIBLE BIRTHDAY BOOK c 1900 Henry Altemus TEXT FOR EVERY DAY Art Deco Store Inventory 14 Days $28.0
Poems Volume I (Whittier), 1898, Henry Altemus Company, Vademecum Series Store Inventory 23 Days $24.99
Hyperion Henry W. Longfellow, HB 1899, Henry Altemus Company B227 Store Inventory 26 Days $27.88
The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith, Henry Altemus Company Rare HC Editio Fixed Price 13 Hours $34.99
KING HENRY IV PART I & PART II - Shakespeare - Henry Altemus Company - 1900 Fixed Price 8 Days $15.25
1899 Evangeline & Other Poems Longfellow Altemus Book Rough Condition Fixed Price 19 Days $14.99

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